FREE Basting Stitch Bundle (Embroidery Files)


Are you struggling with fabric puckering during embroidery, misaligned stitches and overall wasting precious fabric in the hoop?

Here is a solution! See the video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

Which Hoop sizes does this bundle include?

  • 4x4 in - 10x10 cm Hoop
  • 5x5 in / 12x12 cm Hoop
  • 5x7 in - 13x18 cm Hoop
  • 6x10 in - 15x25 cm Hoop
  • 7x12 in - 18x30 cm Hoop
  • 8x14 in - 20x36 cm Hoop
What is basting?

It means sewing long stitches which are easily removable. It can be also refereed as tacking the fabric. A basting stitch is useful to keep the fabric and the stabilizer in place, saving you from puckering, moving or wasting too much fabric.

The stitch can be used regardless if you are floating or hooping the fabric. It is a layer of extra security to protect your designs from squishing together too much because of the fabric

    Enjoy this useful little gift from me to you! 💜

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    ❌ Using the patterns for mass production is not allowed.


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