Garden Snail Plushie Sewing Pattern


Have you dreamed of learning some basic sewing skills to create your own cute plush to cuddle with? Or want to make a quick and adorable gift for a dear one?
This adorable Garden Snail will get you excited as he is the perfect beginner sewing pattern! 🐌🍓

Based on Dragons' Garden original design this cutie will steal your heart! 😍 All you need is the fabric, scissors, needle and thread and you are ready to go!
So whether you are just starting out or are a pro at hand sewing, it’s sure to be easy and a fun way to explore your hidden talents.
You can combine any colors and fabric your heart desire to make the most adorable plushie in the world!

Pattern includes Face and Details Embroidery Files that fit 5x7 hoop size and higher.

⋯✂⋯ Each Pattern includes: ⋯✂⋯

  • 💜 PDF Beginner Friendly Photo Tutorial
  • 💜 Sewing Pattern that fits A4 size papers
  • 💜 Addition of Face and Detail Embroidery Files 
  • 💜 Embroidery Thread Color chart guide

⋯✂⋯ Dimensions of the plushie: ⋯✂⋯

  • 18 cm / 7 inch tall
  • 25 cm / 9.8 inch long

The final plush dimensions might slightly vary due to the way the pieces are attached.

⋯✂⋯ Approximate fabric requirements: ⋯✂⋯

💜 About 55 cm x 35 cm (21.6x 13.7 inch) fabric for the main body, 40 cm x 25 cm (15.7x 9.8 inch) fabric for the shell and details needed.

Fleece, Minky, Velours even a short pile Faux Fur will work great with this pattern. Cotton for added splash of color for details would work as well.

⋯✂⋯ Tutorial table of contents: ⋯✂⋯

  • 1. Description, Materials and Tools
  • 2. Printing and cutting the pattern
  • 3. Sewing details
  • 4. Sewing the pieces together
  • 5. Clipping fabric and turning
  • 6. Assembling the plushie
  • 7. Thread chart and pattern template
  • 8. Pattern marking instructions
  • 9. Sewing Pattern

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sophie B.
A good friend

This was a great little kit to put together and was a great thing to just sit down sew with easy to follow instructions. Snail friend has a spot on my desk to keep my spirits up.

Delphine J.
Cute and easy

Super cute DIY snail plushy.
Nice colors en embroidery.

Easy to follow steps on the instructions.