Nook Coin Pouch | Animal Crossing



Adorable Nook from Animal Crossing Zipper Coin Pouch

šŸ’œĀ Size of the base charm without keyrings and ribbons isĀ 9 cmĀ (3.5 in)Ā Ā 
šŸ’œĀ Silver ColoredĀ Metal Keychain

  • Made out of Soft Velour and Minky Cuddle fabric.
  • The details are machine Embroidered with high-quality thread.
  • Zipper


Note: SinceĀ they are little and have fine fur & small parts,Ā They are notĀ suitable for young children.Ā 


This section applies to all the plushies made by Dragons' Garden:

SinceĀ they are little and have fine fur & small parts,Ā they might not be suitable for young children age 6 and below.Ā 

This handmade creations need to be protected from water and damage and are not designed for rough play with children or pets.

Read theĀ 
Ā FEW SIMPLE TIPS FOR TAKING CARE OF YOUR HANDMADE COMPANIONĀ blog post for information on cleaning and care.