Eevelution Dragon | Sticker Pack


Adorable and Cuddly Dragons holding Pokedolls of Eevees and his Evolutions.

These Adorable Pokemon stickers are perfect to add to your planner, make every to-do list exciting, to decorate a gift, stick on your phone & much more!


Both stickers are in one package.

⋯🐉  Size and Materials 🐉⋯

  • Die Cut 4,5 × 5 cm (1.7 × 2 in)
  • Printed on a Glossy Sticker paper
  • 2 different stickers in each package

Based on Pokemon Games and my own Dragon Designs.

This section applies to all the plushies made by Dragons' Garden:

Since they are little and have fine fur & small parts, they are not be suitable for young children age 6 and below. 

This handmade creations need to be protected from water, sun and damage and are not designed for rough play with children or pets.

Read the 
 FEW SIMPLE TIPS FOR TAKING CARE OF YOUR HANDMADE COMPANION blog post for information on cleaning and care.

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