Constellation Panther Plush

Constellation Panther Plush

Constellation Panther Plush

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The cutest Panthers in the Galaxy!

Mysterious and super cuddly, they befriended all the Constellation Micro Dragons. Doesn't they just make you go: ''awwwwwwww!'' ⭐⭐⭐😍⠀


This handmade Machine Embroidered Original Design plush makes a perfect companion, gift or just a great present for yourself!


 Their bodies are filled with Poly Plastic Pellets which makes them extra relaxing to cuddle with!


Available in 2 color versions:

⭐ White with Multicollored details and Silver Stars
⭐ Iris Blue with Electric Blue details and Golden Stars 



💙 Materials 💙

  •  Made out of Super Soft Minky Cuddle Fabric.
  •  The face and details are machine Embroidered with high-quality thread.
  • Stuffed with non-allergenic filling and plastic beads for stress free cuddles.
  • Super soft with no wires!

💙 Dimensions 💙

  • 15 cm (7.8 in) tall from bottom to tip of the ears
  • 30 cm (11.8 in) long from front legs to the tip of the tail.


Note: Since I’m little and have fine fur & small parts, I might not be suitable for young children. I need someone who can take care of me and protect me from water and damage. 

Read the 


 blog post for information on cleaning and care.

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