What is included in this pattern?

  • ✂ PDF Sewing template
  • ✂ SVG and DXF Files addition
  • ✂ Face or Details as Embroidery files addition
  • ✂ Beginner friendly Photo Tutorial
  • ✂ Text file with links to our YouTube video tutorial playlist

  • What is included in the Tutorial?

    1. Description, Materials and Tools
    2. Printing and cutting the pattern
    3. Sewing details
    4. Sewing the pieces together
    5. Clipping fabric and turning
    6. Assembling the plushie
    7. Thread chart and pattern template
    8. Pattern marking instructions
    9. Sewing Pattern


    How do I resize a Sewing Pattern?

    Coming soon...

    How do I use the Embroidery files?

    Coming soon...

    What are SVG/DXF files?

    Coming soon...