Custom Embroidery order Plushies

Custom Embroidery Patterns

Embroidery file prices depend on the complexity of the character.

The prices below include Embroidery files which are not exclusive to you or your shop, which means I can offer the patterns in the future in my shop. If you are looking for Exclusive Embroidery files or Files for commercial use, they will be more expensive. - Contact me for a price quote.
Each pattern Order includes:
  • Specified Pattern Size
  • All Embroidery File Types - unless specified otherwise
  • Thread Color chart guide
1 Hoop (Simple Face, Markings, 
Keychain or Patch)

Starts at 17€ / 21$

Each additional Hoop costs 5€  /6$ on top of the base price

 custom simple embroidery pattern or face
2-4 Hoops (Simple ITH Plushie with a Face, Paws or other small Markings.)

Starts at 28€ / 34$

Each additional Hoop (For example add a hoop with wings) costs  5€ / 6$ on top of the base price

simple embroidery hoop in the hoop ith pattern
3-5 Hoops (Complex ITH Plushie with applique, double-sided embroidery,...)

Starts at 35€ / 43$

Each additional Hoop (For example add a hoop with wings) costs  10€ /13$ on top of the base price

complex in the hoop ith embroidery pattern with applique custom character

The files will be delivered to you in 48h time from placing your order unless agreed otherwise. (note: due to a large amount of requests the delivery times are 3 days at this moment I will communicate you the exact delivery time while we discuss the details.)

Prices listed here are starting prices and guidelines for each of the categories.
Extra Hooping (for example a character with different expressions, or multiple characters and other details) increases the price. 

I can provide you with an exact price quote via messages if you are unsure of the category your request falls in.
The files I deliver are always top quality and made with a lot of care and attention to details. Mistakes are very rare. (Just like a Shiny Pokemon! 🤩✨)  

Prices do not include me testing the file, you will do that yourself and if any mistakes or changes need to be made to the workflow I will adjust that for no extra fee.

But if you still want me to test the file before sending it to you that will add 20€ / 25$ to the price for each hoop (30€ /37$ if Applique or complex) in order to cover material and time costs.

✂ -------------------------------------------✂

Plushie Companion Dragon Banner custom

Plushie Companions

Can't find what you are looking for in my Shop? Are you interested in getting your own Custom Companion Dragon made?

In this case, you are the creator! You decide on the colors and all the small details and I will turn your vision into a hug-able friend.

I am currently not accepting custom orders for Fan Art and Other characters as this style plushies. When commissions are open I will announce them on social media and in the newsletter.
Only my own Dragon designs and Embroidery patterns are available as commissions for the moment.
Tiny Magnetic Dragons (10-20cm) - Starts at 70€ / 85$

Examples of similar plushies:

tiny magnetic companion dragon custom order 
Mini Shoulder Dragons (25-30cm) - Starts at 280€ / 340$

Examples of similar plushies:

custom mini shoulder dragon beanie plush
Medium Standing Dragons (30-35cm) - Starts at 370€ /449$

Examples of similar plushies:

custom standing sitting dragon plushie
Big Sghoulder Dragons (40-45cm) - Starts at €420 /510$

Examples of similar plushies:

Big shoulder dragon custom cosplay companion prop


 Prices listed here are starting prices and guidelines for each of the categories (Payment plans via PayPal are available, message me for more info). Embroidery, Fabric painting, a special fabric, and other hand sewn details increase the price. 
I can provide you with an exact price quote via messages.


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