Dragons' Garden is the place where Dragons live before they find their forever home. 🐉💜

🌳🌲 Based in the Netherlands, our objective is to spread joy and happiness through our Dragon plushies and their many adventures. 🧭

Our plushies are the ideal partner for travelling, support and fun throughout your daily life, ensuring that you always have a companion when you need one. 💕

At Dragons’ Garden you will find everything from handmade plush companions for collectors, smaller merchandise with unique Dragon designs, as well as art from numerous recognisable cartoons and games. 🎮👾

Our Dragon plushies are carefully curated by our founder Nina, who works hard to ensure each plushie is truly unique. 🥰💖

Due to their size and ease of travel, you can always carry your plushie with you no matter where you choose to go. After all, travelling with a buddy is always better than travelling alone… especially when you don’t have to feed them! 🎈🎈🎈

No matter the Dragons’ Gardens’ product you choose, you can be confident that it is created with both love and care.

Each design is completed with an unprecedented attention to detail. From design to implementation and delivery, Dragons’ Garden strives for absolute perfection. We leave no stone unturned, working hard so that our Dragons can be shared and loved around the globe. 🌎

On top of our exclusive Dragon designs, we also offer a range of machine embroidery patterns. ✂ These patterns are designed for individuals who want to discover their creative side.

Our patterns are accompanied with beginner-friendly tutorials to provide you with the support you need to create your own designs and enjoy the process of discovering your own hidden talents. 🎀

Your choice of companion is truly unique to you and can bring meaning and happiness in any way you can imagine. Browse our collection today and discover your very own adorable Dragon plushie! 😍




Hiii! This is me. 💜 

My name is Nina Curk and I am a Slovene/Dutch creative entrepreneur.

Nina and the Dragon Plushies

I started designing plushies in 2013 as a challenge from a friend.

I had no idea how to start, no sewing experience... But I fell in love with the complex and detailed process, my determination to not give up and learn kept me going!

​Among the Adorable Dragons in early 2019, I found a passion for designing Embroidery Machine patterns which I offer as Cute and Geeky digital products. 👾🎮

 ​The response of people to my art is awesome and It motivates me to create more and brighten lots of people's days. 🌞

Colors and cute things make me happy and I want to share that happiness in the form of cute and huggable companion friends. 

And let’s admit, who wouldn’t love a world full of cute Dragons? 🐉