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Few simple rules on taking care of your handmade companion


  • Feeding times per creature may vary. Dragons are especially fond of anything sweet...sometimes you may need to hide candy and cakes as they tend to get chubby very fast. 🍰

  • Your new companion is very cuddly so make sure to make him/her happy with plenty of hugs. 🤗

  • Handmade creatures are very adventurous and your companion is sure to accompany you on any adventures ahead.  🎈

However, with all the traveling, they sometimes can get dirty.

💧 They are scared of water so in case they get dirty here are some tips on how to handle it:

  1. To remove small stains and traces of dirt, take a cloth and slightly dampen it in water, with a little detergent (optional) added to it.

  2. Lightly rub the cloth over the stain till it vanishes.

  3. If the plushie is stained (for example with chocolate syrup), apply a bit of clear sparkly water directly on the stain, then tap it a bit with a clean cloth.

  4. Repeat till the stain is not visible anymore.

  5. Let your plushie always air dry. Using a dryer or any other heated source can ruin the fabric and your plushie won't be as soft anymore.

  6. Do not put your plushie in the washing machine or dryer! Handmade items are very delicate so it's better to avoid the machines. (Magnets and wires can rust and Airbrushed details and Rhinestones could fade)

  • Even though your companion might enjoy suntanning, It is better to keep your plushie out of direct sun. The fabric might discolor and lose its vibrancy if left in the sun for a longer period of time. 🌞

Following these few simple tips will ensure you and your companion are both happy and will enjoy each other's company for years to come! 😊💜💙💚

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