Sweet Jackalope Plushie

Sweet Jackalope Plushie

Sweet Jackalope Plushie

Incredibly Cute Jackalope Plushies are ready to be adopted! 😊

They loves to lay around keeping you company.
Both are super soft and is a perfect cuddle companion! 

This handmade Machine Embroidered Original plush makes a perfect plush gift or just a great present for yourself!


Currently available in 2 colors - Pink and Lilac


🐰 Materials 🐰

  •  Made out of Super Soft Minky Cuddle Fabric.
  •  The face and details are machine Embroidered with high-quality thread.
  •  Stuffed with non-allergenic filling.
  •  Super soft with no wires!

🐰 Dimensions 🐰

  • 12 cm (4.7 in) tall from bottom to tip of the ears and 17 cm (6.6 in) long from front legs to tip of the tail. 

Characters belong to Pokemon/Nintendo.

Shipping days

Due to the pandemic all packages are taken to the post office 1x a week (Wednesday) for the coming months. 

Shipping delays

Due to COVID there are shipping delays for packages heading outside Europe.  Thank you for your patience!