Limited Edition | Cute Micro Dragon Plushie

Limited Edition | Cute Micro Dragon Plushie

Limited Edition | Cute Micro Dragon Plushie

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We are the Micro Dragons, the adorable miniature versions of our larger cousins. Just like them, we are friendly, warm, and squishable and love listening too! We also love taking long naps in the palm of your hand or just resting on your shoulder, joining you on all of your daily adventures.

We visit the Dragon’s Gardens only a few times a year and would love to meet you. Invite us to your world, and we’ll have lots of fun and laughs together.

⋯🐉 What you’ll love about us 🐉⋯


  • We’re completely handmade, with special embroidered details that make us extra adorable

  • We fit in your pocket or in a very small bag. Super portable!

  • Soft and Squishy with no Wires or hard parts.

  • Hand made of petal-soft Minky Fabric and filled with Fluffy Clouds.

  • We never causes allergies!

Bring us into your home or gift us to your friends to put a smile on their faces! 🧡💛💙💚💜

⋯🐉  Dimensions 🐉⋯

💚 9 cm (3.5 in) long from the tip of the paws to the tip of the tail.

💚 6 cm (2.3 in) tall from bottom to the top of the ears.


    ⋯🐉  Colors 🐉⋯


    The colors available are listed and displayed on the photos. Micro Dragons are Limited edition, thus currently not being accepted as a custom commission.

    Note: Since I’m little and have fine fur & small parts, I might not be suitable for young children. I need someone who can take care of me and protect me from water and damage. 

    Read the 


    blog post for information on cleaning and care.

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