Dragon Wings | Enamel Pin

Dragon Wings | Enamel Pin (Top Grade) - Dragons' Garden

Dragon Wings | Enamel Pin

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What would you do if you had wings like a dragon?

Wouldn’t you fly to new heights and be as free as you could ever be? Dragons are strong, majestic, and incredibly beautiful. They are fearless, self-confident, and free - and that’s why they are so inspiring.

We all have strength, bravery, and resilience within us. Let these light blue and purple Dragon Wings be a reminder to be braver, stronger, and unapologetically yourself every day. So spread your majestic wings and roar.


3.8 cm (1.5 inc)

🐉 Why you’ll love this pin 🐉
  • Handmade with love
  • They are gold plated for that extra special finish
  • Each pin is top-grade and as perfect as they come
  • Complete with 2 metal clutches
  • They come packaged on a backing card

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